Kerulos catalyzes new, creative approaches to saving wildlife.


Mission and Vision

The Kerulos Center is a legally-incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Oregon and established December 30, 2008. Our vision is a world where animals live in dignity and freedom. We translate this vision into everyday living by helping animals in need. Our work empowers people to change their lives for animals to make all places are sanctuary.



Kerulos is explicitly trans-species, the understanding that humans and other animals have common capacities to think, feel, dream, aspire, and experience consciousness. This open recognition sparks re-discovery of essential identity, a way of living aligned with nature, and seeing through external form to a relational space of common communication and meaning making. We call this nature-based consciousness, ways of living that benefit all animals as illustrated in the story of the Star Thrower.


Strategic Approach

Kerulos is collaborative and holistic in philosophy and method. Our activities and publications extend abroad but we remain grassroots with the purpose of enhancing dialogue, bridging groups and ideas, and building social capacity for change. Our programs are interdisciplinary and international, drawing from multiple cultures and knowledge bodies (e.g., western, tribal, animal-inclusive). We do not prescribe how to be; rather we support personal empowerment to make changes that benefit all animals.


Our projects and programs focus in three areas:



  • Interbeing – Humans and other animals are interconnected
  • Listening – Our work is informed and guided by what other animals need and a value
  • Collaboration - There is no “I” nor “you,” only “us”
  • Nature-based consciousness – Living in ways that benefit all animals
  • Ethical integrity - We are committed to acting ethically in all aspects of our work


At Kerulos, we also emphasize the need to support beauty – animal aesthetics, philosophy, values, and meaning. Recognizing the importance of beauty is a way to counter modern humanity’s tendencies to render life into things that have meaning and power for humans alone.

As Shakespeare’s Hamlet reminded his friend, “There are more things, Horatio, in Heaven and Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” beauty reminds us that there is something greater than the collation of facts and data.


Our Name and Logo

Two themes that interweave throughout our work, reunion and transformation, are reflected in our name and logo. Kerulos is the classical Greek word for kingfisher and the brilliant cerulean blue of their feathers. It conveys that word (human) and bird (nature) are one. The snake encircling the kingfisher, the ouroboros, represents unity, transformation, and healing. Together, they symbolize humanity’s reconciliation with other animals as sentient beings: a relinquishment of human privilege.





Gay Bradshaw, PhD, PhD

Founder and Executive Director

 Today brings an unprecedented opportunity to make the change so that all animals can live in dignity and freedom.



Ann Southcombe

President, Kerulos Board of Directors

 I have worked over 35 years helping our animal kin to enjoy their lives. The most important lesson they have taught me is they too want to live their lives much as we human animals do. Kerulos brings its unique ‘out of the box’ tools to do this so that our world becomes compassionate for everyone.


Join Us and Live the Dream