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  • Rabbit rubbin gface

    Killing Them Softly

    When I was a growing up, we visited my uncle every summer on the shores of New Hampshire’s sapphire, Lake Wi...

    17 Jul 2014
  • Leg_of_a_chained_elephant

    The Real Ray

    See this special interview with Ray Ryan, the “real Ray” who was featured in The Elephant Letters:...

    07 Jul 2014



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Catching Up with the Tortoises

We’re well on our way to completing five geodesic domes to house our sanctuary’s newest residents, endangered, special-needs desert tortoises. They’re coming in August 2014, and your continued support can help make the transition from Nevada to Oregon a smooth one. Read More.

Elephants, Us, and Other Kin

Watch executive director Gay Bradshaw describe her experience in Africa and the origins of trans-species psychology. Created for UCLA’s Annual Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference, March 14-16. Verlo con subtítulos en español aquí.